1 czerwca 2020 roku wzięłam udział w akcji społecznościowej na Instagramie, którą promowała artystka Judy Chicago wraz z galeriami Turner Carroll (Santa Fe, USA) i Serpentine (Wielka Brytania).

Akcja „Create art for the earth” miała na celu uświadamianie w zakresie współodpowiedzialności człowieka za zmiany – przede wszystkim klimatyczne – zachodzące na Ziemi. Zdecydowałam się zaprezentować swoją pracę Here I stand z serii The magic has arrived z 2017 roku. Produkcja pracy odbyła się w maju (przez fotolab Whitewall).


My photographs mainly depict landscapes in my home region in the north of Poland. They only seemingly avoid the human context because all landscapes are a part of human culture. Humankind exerts a tangible impact on nature and wildlife, unfortunately, more often than  not, by manipulating and destroying it, yet humankind unquestionably is a guest of this planet. The socio-political concepts of humankind are all attempts to control specific parts of our surroundings but will inevitably be outlived by the continuity of life on this planet.

My works have intentionally been stripped of any geopolitical context which is why it’s not easy to date them. This is my way of raising awareness of nature and wildlife that exist irrespectively of national territories and the language(s) there spoken.

My home village and the lands surrounding it used to be part of Germany before the Second World War. After they became a part of Poland, the people settling here would refer to it as the post-German lands. Bearing in mind the larger context, it is evident that all creatures on earth constitute vital links between the “pre-something” and the “post-something”. All beings on earth are carriers of life with the potential to convey it further like a torch.

For its own species, every being ─ whether horse or human ─ comes as one but stands as 10,000.
And we have no idea just how many there may be in times to come.

With this awareness, how could one possibly blow someone’s torch out?

Life matters.