Józef and Zofia

“The music of Józef and Zofia has toning effects that are an effective remedy to the abundance of noise, chaos, and the intense flood of stimuli in which we have come to live. It helps quiet the mind and keep a cool and passive head. Just listening to the four infinitely interweaving sounds of guitars makes you passionate about them, cherishing every single sound. Modest, charming, melancholy, lazy, drifting, minimalist, and prudent but, most of all, absolutely stripped of any pretensions whatsoever.” This is what Bartosz Nowicki wrote about the music of Józef and Zofia on his blog “raz uchem / raz okiem” [Once with the ear, once with the eye], brilliantly summarising the work of the duo.

Józef and Zofia are an ambient duo, which sounds like:
soft noises out of a box, underwater guitars, the fear of flying, a cool and passive head, a black and white cat, head nodding, extremely slow, and nothing special.

Józef and Zofia
Józef and Zofia

The concerts of Józef and Zofia embody:
extracting, enhancing, and silencing everything that is present, and sharing this in the form of wonderful sensations and feelings. Józef and Zofia use a guitar and simple electronics at concerts to create a peaceful and serene space for meetings.

Józef and Zofia have been creating and performing together since 2017. They have given dozens of concerts: Kolonia Artystów – Gdańsk, FARBY – Poznań, Osobliwy Poniedziałek – Kraków, KIPISZ – Łódź, Morski Pokój – Kołobrzeg, Młodsza Siostra – Warszawa, Wkurvv – Wrocław, SEJF – orzów, among many others. 
They have also released two albums: “Chłodna pasywna głowa” [Cool Passive Head] and “Wracanie do siebie” [Returning to Yourself], which are recordings of their improvised performances together. Both albums were released on the Ciche Nagrania label, which is run by Józef and Zofia themselves.